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Hearing protection goes beyond just earplugs!

At HearingCoach, we understand the importance of hearing and how crucial it is to protect it. Life is more beautiful with good hearing. Our hearing is a complex and delicate sense that needs proper care.

We make the difference by truly protecting your hearing!

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Extended delivery time around the holidays

10 November 2023
Dear Customer, During the period from December 15th to January 3rd, 2024, our production in Peer will be closed. As a result, there will be an extended delivery time around...

Earmold Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide for Optimal Hygiene and Durability

23 August 2023
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on cleaning earmolds. As specialists in hearing protection, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal hygiene and durability for earmolds. In this article, we share...

Using custom earplugs correctly for optimal hearing protection

23 August 2023
Using earplugs properly is crucial when it comes to protecting our hearing. In this article, we will discuss the correct way to use earplugs for optimal hearing protection. We provide...
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