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Brand and make a difference with our tools for diagnostic audiology

In the world of diagnostic audiology and hearing damage prevention, it's now possible to make more accurate diagnoses and deliver even better care:

HearingCoach offers unique and comprehensive software for hearing care professionals. Our tools are game-changing for hearing specialists when it comes to objective assessments of someone's hearing beyond the screening setting. Furthermore, explaining to your clients becomes simpler, more understandable, and easier to translate into client actions. Thanks to our software for hearing specialists, you'll also know which precautions are needed for each individual.

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Free trial As an hearing specialist, you can use our tools for free for 1 year.
Don't pay more than necessary You only pay for what you use.
1 central place for your tools and data No more different software programs, just one place where all your tools are organized.
Automatic monitoring Is your license about to expire? You will receive an automatic notification about it.
Lifelong access to your data Even if your license has expired, your data will remain securely stored.
HearingCoach as your sole point of contact We are always the ones who can assist you with all your questions about the tools.

Powerful software that helps you make better diagnoses

Would you like to try out our software for free?

Try our software for free for 1 year, this way you have all the time to test and familiarize yourself with the software. Free trial

About our software for hearing specialists

Try out our software for hearing specialists for 1 year at no cost

A license gives you free access to all our unique tools for 1 year. Afterward, you decide if and which tools you want to extend the license for, at a fee.

You pay only for what you use

You pay solely for the tools you use. Licenses are based on the estimated maximum volume usage.

All your tools in one place

All tools are integrated into our software, making it easy to manage them in one central location.

Automatic usage monitoring

As a professional, you can check your license status anytime. Additionally, you’ll receive automatic alerts when the license is nearly expired or when 90% of the estimated maximum volume usage is reached.

Lifelong access to patient data

Even if your license expires, you’ll still have access to previous patient data and generated reports. Adding new patients remains possible. Only the tools won’t be accessible without renewing your license.

HearingCoach as your exclusive software and hardware provider

For help and all your software inquiries, you now only need one point of contact. This streamlines communication and enables a more personal partnership to address hearing damage. We can also supply all necessary hardware for conducting tests.