What does HearingCoach do?

We are the missing link when it comes to preventive hearing healthcare.

We are an organisation who focus on the prevention of hearing damage caused by loud music or noise. Incorporating Accredited Service Providers in the chain lowers the barriers that prevent (early) detection, creates improved awareness of the risks and fosters motivation for protecting one's hearing. We also create the perfect match between preventive and curative care.

Our approach and techniques used are scientifically substantiated and recorded in a preventive hearing healthcare program, called the Healthy Hearing Program. This program was lauded by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) as Best Practice (EU-OSHA panel report).

Companies, as well as individuals, have access to our Accredited Service Providers.

What is our vision

  • Prevention pays dividends because hearing health is money in the bank. Read more…

What is our mission ?

  • Safeguarding people and society against the burden and suffering caused by impaired hearing and tinnitus. Read more…

What is our strategy ?

  • Focus on (the safeguarding of) hearing! Read more…
  • (Early) detection of hearing loss: as logical as (early) detection of tooth decay. Read more…
  • Continuity of care after (early) detection. Read more…
  • Simplified chain of care: The Accredited Service Provider. Read more…
  • Online availability of results! Read more…

Our core values

Our organization and business culture can be summarized in 3 words: innovation, competence and accessibility. These are our core values that form the basis for the manner in which we deal with each other and our clients.


Constant innovation is critical. In addition to optimizing existing products, we also develop new products so that we can be of even better service to our clients.


This represents the expertise, skills and integrity of our Accepted Service Providers. Their contribution to the preventive youth and company healthcare field is a game changer.


We always ensure that our products comply with legal requirements and that they can be widely used by individuals as well as companies.

Our collaboration partners

Our Research & Development partners are inter alia the Ghent University (Belgium) and the University of Pretoria (South Africa).

We are also constantly in dialog with opinion leaders, research institutes, policy makers and medical insurance companies in an effort to elevate the policy on the prevention of hearing damage to a higher level.

  • Europe: EU-OSHA, Fohneu, Hear-it
  • Belgium: BVA, FebelSafe, BBvAG, B-Audio, Prevent
  • Netherlands: RIVM, CBO (TNO), VNPF, Hoorstichting, NCVB, Gehoor & Arbeid, NVVA, NVVK
  • United Kingdom: HSE and HSL
  • South Africa: MOSH, CSIR

We also work with stakeholder organizations, the press and media to constantly raise awareness of the hearing damage issue.

  • EOS article (PDF)
  • Medical insurance companies (Kanniekabaal)

Our scientific projects

HearingCoach is a key player when it comes to Hearing Conservation Programs and trendsetting when it comes to the use of Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) for the early detection of hearing damage. Various national and international organizations rely on HearingCoach as a knowledge partner and/or for the gathering of facts and figures. Here is an overview of important projects HearingCoach is involved in.


Project team

International Expert Symposium on the usefulness of Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) Testing in Occupational Health Surveillance

HSE Health & Safety Executive (United Kingdom)
Committee of experts

A new approach to Hearing Conservation for Noise: The LIDEN approach

HSE Health & Safety Executive (United Kingdom)
Committee of experts

A National Study called "Preventie van gehoorproblemen door lawaai: Vergelijkende studie gehoorscreeningsmethodes in de arbeidsgeneeskunde"

(Fonds der Beroepsziekten/Fonds des Maladies Professionelles)

iCare (Improving Children's Auditory REhabilitation)

International and interdisciplinary consortium from the world of academics, industry and social- economic organizations

Hear... Hear

Akzo Nobel as part of the Stop That Noise campaign

Description of population exposed to noise using various (screening) methods

De Telegraaf, ArboNed, Hearing Coach, AMC, VUMC

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