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Have your own expertise in-house and become a HearingCoach agent!

Any audiologist who would like to offer clients the Healthy Hearing Program can become a HearingCoach Agent. It is a simple concept.

You initiate contact with your clients, because you know better than anyone else what their needs, wishes and requirements are and what would be best for them. You employ our expertise to offer your client excellent preventive hearing conservation. As an agent, you can concentrate on your own core business. Your risk is minimal because you do not have to make any investment in training, equipment and software and you have access to full support from an international brand.

HearingCoach arranges the marketing, data management and financial administration at a central level. We stand in for service delivery to your client and you have access to our back-office.

Want to know more about having an agency? Then contact us!

What does HearingCoach do?

HearingCoach has developed a preventive hearing healthcare program, called the Healthy Hearing Program which promotes healthy hearing acuity.


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