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If employees cannot hear each other properly because of noise, or because they are hard of hearing, mistakes will slip in at the coalface. Productivity will decrease and production costs will increase.

The success of your company begins with effective communication. Good communication starts with understanding speech.

Legislation and regulations regarding noise at work are extremely clear. When combatting noise at the source fails, it is false to think that handing out personal hearing protectors as a measure in itself offers adequate guarantees that hearing damage will be prevented. In a situation like that, hearing damage can only be prevented by implementing a long-term proactive and multidisciplinary hearing conservation policy.


The Healthy Hearing Program is a hearing conservation program that has been lauded by EU-OSHA as a best practice. The aim is to protect and maintain your employees' hearing acuity. To achieve this, we create an action plan for each employee, which covers four aspects, namely exposure to noise, hearing acuity, hearing protection and behavior modification.


Accredited Service Providers, then implement it. They support management to establish control measures and act as the 'missing link' between the managers concerned and the individual employee. The contribution of their expertise to the field of occupational health to prevent occupational disease is game changing


  • Higher productivity, thanks to the retention of communication
  • Lower rates of absenteeism (stress, burn-out, tinnitus/ringing in the ears, etc.)
  • Fewer accidents at work caused by misunderstandings or loss of concentration
  • Complies with legal requirements (Directive 2003/10/EC)
  • Quality assurance by Accredited Service Providers.
  • Cheaper than disposable earplugs

What does HearingCoach do?

HearingCoach has developed a preventive hearing healthcare program, called the Healthy Hearing Program which promotes healthy hearing acuity.


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