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The ability to communicate with family, friends or colleagues at work is an essential part of our social life and general wellbeing.

Communication starts by making contact. This is an interactive process and understanding speech is a critical element of that. The first sign of hearing damage is when you can hear someone talking, but you cannot understand what is being said.

At first this will affect you in a noisy environment, such as on the train, in a cafĂ© or at the club.Later on, as the damage increases, it will also affect you in a quiet environment. You will frequently turn up the sound on the TV or radio at home, much to the irritation of the other family members. It is therefore in everyone's best interest to prevent hearing damage. Hearing damage is irreversible!


In the first place, it is necessary to map out the development (and later deterioration) of your hearing. The comparison to preventive dental care is obvious. It is important here to use an examination method that allows one to detect hearing damage early on. The traditional beep tone test using a headset (audiometry) that is currently performed does not allow for this.

Damage is only noticed once it is already too late. A more suitable technique that can reveal hearing damage in an early stage is Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs). By repeating OAE measurements, one obtains a clear picture of how the hearing damage is developing, and if it is advisable to wear hearing protectors.

Contact our Accredited Service Providers to undergo this hearing test. They will also help you choose the most suitable hearing protectors and will give you tips and advice on how to deal with noise in a safe manner.

Most common hearing problems

  • Hearing damage (noise)
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)


"Blindness separates people from things. Deafness separates people from people." Immanuel Kant, philosopher

What does HearingCoach do?

HearingCoach has developed a preventive hearing healthcare program, called the Healthy Hearing Program which promotes healthy hearing acuity.


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