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One in five musicians is affected by damage to their hearing. Go for a preventive examination if you notice that you aren't hearing too well.

Music is your passion. Hearing is your job! For musicians or live performers hearing impairment can mean the end of their careers. Not really surprising, as doing their job means being exposed to loud sounds for long periods.

Musicians or live performers have all the reason in the world to make use of Accredited Service Providers, to give them personal guidance. For musicians or live performers hearing impairment can mean the end of their careers. It is about as obvious as the need for a voice / singing coach.

Accredited Service Provider check your hearing using Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs). In contrast to the audiogram (beep tone test using a headset) this examination technique makes it possible to detect hearing damage early. Even before you experience any bother because of it, and long before you actually become hearing impaired. By repeating this measurement regularly one obtains a picture of how your hearing damage is developing and Accredited Service Provider can give you advice on how to prevent or delay further deterioration. This could be in the form of tips and tricks, of in the form of wearing hearing protection and using monitoring systems.

Hearing protection
Selecting the right hearing protection for musicians is more complicated than normal. The enjoyment of making music cannot be compromised. The attenuation must be set very accurately to prevent hearing damage without interfering with the enjoyment of music. What is more, attenuation must be spread equally across all frequencies, otherwise the sound will distort and the dynamic will be lost. Filters that offer flat attenuation present a solution here.

It is equally important to check the proper functioning (leak tightness and attenuation) of your hearing protection regularly. Accredited Service Provider will help to prevent you having a false sense of security.

In-ear monitoring systems
Professional assistance is recommended here too. Many bands and orchestras have a wireless monitoring system. It allows for sound to be delivered individually, with perfect pitch and at a safe level of sound. That does mean that the custom made earphones must be perfectly leak tight. The Accredited Service Provider can provide appropriate advice on the various top products they have in their range.

  • Eric Clapton (guitarist): "I actually went deaf for a period of time."
  • Pete Townsend (guitarist of The Who): cannot stand any loud sounds anymore, because it causes unbearable pain.
  • Phil Taylor (Motörhead drummer): "We go home safe in the knowledge that we've deafened a few."
  • Jeff Beck (guitarist), suffers from tinnitus: "It sounds like the murmur of a shower. Innocent enough, but my subconscious perceives it as a threat."
  • Chris Martin (Coldplay) suffers from tinnitus: "Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don't think about until there's a problem. I wish I'd thought about it earlier."

What does HearingCoach do?

HearingCoach has developed a preventive hearing healthcare program, called the Healthy Hearing Program which promotes healthy hearing acuity.


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