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Make better diagnoses with the latest diagnostic audiology software

You may have noticed that in recent years, there's been an increasing number of people in need of hearing assistance. We expect this trend to continue, with potentially 25% of the population facing some form of hearing issue by 2050. This only emphasizes how crucial and valued your role as an ENT doctor is. Furthermore, we now have more advanced screening tools, hardware, and sophisticated software at our disposal. With these resources, we can assist even more people and enhance their quality of life.

Software for ENT doctors

In addition to providing high-quality hardware, HearingCoach also offers the most up-to-date software for ENT doctors. Our software offers much more capabilities than the current standard tests. They are game-changing when it comes to objective assessments of someone’s hearing outside of the screening setting. This enables you, as an ENT doctor, to diagnose accurately and swiftly.

Moreover, our tools simplify and enhance the explanation to patients, making it easier for them to understand. Thanks to our software for ENT doctors, you’ll also know which precautions are necessary for each individual. The clear reports further motivate patients to turn their results into positive actions.

Furthermore, we completely streamline the process by selling the necessary hardware, providing you with everything you need for the screenings.

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Free trial As an ENT doctor, you can use our tools for free for 1 year.
Don't pay more than necessary You only pay for what you use.
1 central place for your tools and data No more different software programs, just one place where all your tools are organized.
Automatic monitoring Is your license about to expire? You'll receive an automatic notification.
Lifelong access to your data Even if your license expires, your data remains safely stored.
HearingCoach as your sole point of contact We're always here to assist you with any questions about the tools.

Powerful software that helps you make better diagnoses

Would you like to try out our software for free?

Try our software for free for 1 year, this way you have all the time to test and familiarize yourself with the software. Free trial

About our software for ENT doctors

1-Year Free Trial Period

Use the software for ENT doctors for 1 year absolutely free. You’ll find that these tools provide you with more insights and lead to better diagnoses. This free license grants access to all our valuable tools.

Discover the Future of Diagnostic Audiology

The HearingCoach software for ENT doctors employs the latest screening and reporting tools. They are faster than traditional tests and can detect all forms of hearing damage, even if subjectively imperceptible.

Customize Your Package

If you’re positively convinced about the HearingCoach software for ENT doctors, select a package with tools and extend the license for another year for a fee.

24/7 Access to Patient Data

You can log in online or offline, granting you 24/7 access to your results and reports. Even after the license expires, you’ll still have access to your patient data.

Patient Data is 100% Secure

The HearingCoach software for ENT doctors is Secure by Design, meaning all data is rigorously secured by Auth0 and IBM Cloud Security.

Strong Emphasis on Preventive Hearing Care

Because hearing damage mustn’t stand a chance, the software also focuses on prevention. The attractive and comprehensible way the tool presents results motivates patients to take better precautions to protect their ears.