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Offer improved and more effective patient care for hearing issues

General practitioners worldwide work diligently and are deeply committed to their patients. Despite having more responsibilities and facing staffing shortages, they bravely tackle these challenges.

Smoothly referring patients to other healthcare facilities can also be a difficult task, but general practices always strive to find the best solutions for their patients.

To alleviate workload pressures, increased digitalization is one of the solutions. By utilizing smart hardware and software, you can make quicker diagnoses and potentially refer patients to the appropriate specialists right away.

In the realm of hearing impairment, general practitioners also play a significant role. Globally, 1 in 5 people suffers from hearing problems, and this number is rapidly increasing.

That’s why we offer general practices our HearingCoach software to ease the workload and detect hearing damage at an early stage. Our tests identify hearing damage much earlier than other testing methods. Additionally, we provide the necessary hardware alongside the software.

This way, we can efficiently address hearing issues together, leaving you with more time for other tasks!

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Free trial As a general practitioner, you can use our tools for free for 1 year.
Don't pay more than necessary You only pay for what you use.
1 central place for your tools and data No more different software programs, just one place where all your tools are organized.
Automatic monitoring Is your license about to expire? You will receive an automatic notification about it.
Lifelong access to your data Even if your license has expired, your data will remain securely stored.
HearingCoach as your sole point of contact We are always the ones who can assist you with all your questions about the tools.

Powerful software that helps you make better diagnoses

Would you like to try out our software for free?

Try our software for free for 1 year, this way you have all the time to test and familiarize yourself with the software. Free trial

About our software for general practitioners

Use the software free for the 1 year

A license grants you 1 year of unlimited access to all our tools. This allows you to personally experience which tools reduce your workload.

Reducing your workload

Where other testing methods may not detect all hearing damage, our HearingCoach software for general practitioners detects damage at a very early stage. This saves you a lot of time in the diagnostic process.

Complete support

We also provide all the hardware needed to conduct the tests. This way, we fully support you in purchasing OAE equipment.

You choose the tools for which you want a license

If you’re positively convinced of the benefits of HearingCoach software for general practitioners, you can extend the desired tools for another year for a fee.

Always acces to patient data

Online or offline: our software is always accessible. With your own login, you always have access to your patient data. Even if your license has expired, it remains safely stored and accessible.

Patient data is 100% secure

The HearingCoach software is Secure by Design. This means all data is protected by Auth0 and IBM Cloud Security. Patient data is completely secure.

Focused on preventive hearing care

Prevention is better than cure. The software also ensures that patients are more motivated to protect their hearing (if applicable). As a result, this group will be less likely to return for consultation, as hearing damage is slowed down through preventive measures.

In addition to the software, we also provide the necessary hardware. Inquire with us about the possibilities.