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Hearing protection in the industrial sector

Providing earplugs as the sole measure is unfortunately not enough. In practice, it has been found that employees in the industrial sector often do not wear their earplugs regularly.

Therefore, the Healthy Hearing Program addresses all risks related to hearing damage. We do this by:

Complete care in 4 phases

Don't let hearing damage have a chance

We assess all the sounds and risks that you or the employee encounter daily. This is done through a questionnaire and sound measurements. Afterward, we create a personalized risk profile. You will see how your hearing will develop until the age of 65 if no action is taken to prevent hearing damage. This is important for raising awareness, so that behavioral coaching can have a more significant effect.

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The second phase of the Healthy Hearing Program focuses on early detection of hearing damage. Therefore, we conduct a hearing scan right away. Our method is faster, easier, more accurate, and unaffected by external factors. With this scan, we examine the functioning of the entire ear and can detect any hearing damage at a very early stage. So early that you might not even notice any potential hearing damage yourself!

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If it is impossible to address the source of the noise, then we need to protect you with hearing protectors. We select a hearing protector that best suits the situation and you. However, from experience, we know that even custom-made hearing protection is sometimes insufficiently or incorrectly worn. That’s why we also focus on consistent use and annually check the functionality of the hearing protector.

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The impact of individual coaching is much greater than any other form of training or guidance. During the individual coaching sessions, you will find out:

  • What your risks are for hearing damage (sound risks).
  • The condition of your hearing (hearing screening).
  • Whether your hearing protectors are working effectively (hearing protection).
  • The tips and tricks for better hearing protection at home and in the workplace.
Included in these packages:
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Protect your employees with industrial hearing protection

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases?

Workers who cannot hear each other due to machine noise or hearing impairment cause “errors on the assembly line,” both literally and figuratively.

Moreover, noise-induced hearing loss in the industrial sector leads to increased absenteeism and workplace accidents. As a result of these workplace issues, productivity decreases, and production costs rise.

Mandatory hearing protection for the industry

As an employer, you are obliged to provide your employees with hearing protection when noise levels exceed 80 dB(A). Employees must wear earmuffs or earplugs when exposed to sound levels above 85 dB(A). However, we know that the risk of hearing damage already exists at 75 dB(A). HearingCoach goes beyond regulations and prioritizes the individual’s health.

HearingCoach offers Tailored Hearing Care for the industrial sector, including masterful custom hearing protection. With this, you can optimally protect your employees from noise during work.

Frequently asked questions in the industrial sector:

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Hearing protection for the industrial sector by HearingCoach

With our special earplugs for industrial companies, you ensure that your employees’ hearing is protected from all the loud sounds that come with their work. HearingCoach earplugs offer numerous advantages:

  • Increased productivity through maintained communication: By properly adjusting the special filter, employees can still understand each other well, while only filtering out loud ambient noise. This reduces the chance of human errors due to poor communication.
  • Reduced absenteeism: Hearing damage and noise exposure can both lead to permanent tinnitus, stress, fatigue, and even burnout. Using personalized earplugs at work lowers these health risks.

Fewer workplace accidents caused by misunderstandings or loss of concentration: Surrounding noise and difficult communication consume a lot of brain energy. With earplugs, employees stay more alert, maintain longer concentration, and facilitate smooth communication among each other.

  • Industry Hearing Protection in compliance with legal regulations: All our earplugs for the industry are tested according to 89/686/EEC, comply with the EU (2016/425) regulation, and fully adhere to Directive 2003/10/EC.
  • Cost-effective compared to disposable earplugs: Disposable earplugs lose their effectiveness quickly due to improper insertion, frequent removal, and hygiene concerns, requiring constant replacements. Additionally, standard earplugs are not very comfortable. Our earplugs have a longer lifespan, and you can even opt for a lifetime warranty when choosing the Healthy Hearing Program package Complete.
  • Quality assurance thanks to our prevention audiologists: Our audiologists, also known as HearingCoaches, support both employers and employees in the industrial sector. We do this through our unique Healthy Hearing Program, ensuring the quality of hearing protection and preventing hearing damage.

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