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The future of hearing care starts here

With the increasing prevalence of hearing problems worldwide, there is a growing need for effective tools and diagnostic solutions. HearingCoach provides advanced software and hardware solutions for Hearing Centers, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis and encouraging positive behavioral changes in customers to prevent further hearing damage.

Software for Hearing Centers and Hearing Clinics

Out of all people with hearing difficulties, 1 in 3 use a hearing aid. This is a promising start, especially considering the growing number of individuals experiencing hearing issues. The projection is that by 2050, even 25% of the global population will have hearing problems. This indicates ample opportunities to assist people with effective tools, such as hearing aids.

This is why it’s more important than ever:

  • To detect hearing damage early on.
  • To identify speech intelligibility problems promptly.
  • To prevent (progressive) hearing damage.
  • To ensure individuals with initial hearing impairment or loss wear the most suitable hearing aid.

To achieve this effectively, smart diagnostic software is a necessity. The issue with existing outdated standard software is its limited functionality. Therefore, HearingCoach has developed software for Hearing Centers, providing clear and simple problem representation in understandable language for the customers through our reporting.

By using our software, you can diagnose faster and more accurately, with higher precision compared to current standard tests. Moreover, it also focuses on encouraging positive behavioral changes in the customer, prompting them to take more and/or better precautions to limit further hearing damage.

Additionally, we also provide all the hardware necessary to conduct the tests. This way, we fully support you in acquiring OAE equipment.

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Try for free As a hearing professional, you can use our tools for free for 1 year.
Don't pay more than necessary You only pay for what you actually use.
Centralized Hub for Your Tools and Data No more different software programs, just one place where all your tools are organized.
Automatic monitoring Is your license about to expire? You'll receive an automatic notification.
Lifelong Access to Your Data Even if your license expires, your data remains safely stored.
HearingCoach as Your Sole Point of Contact We're always here to help with all your tool-related questions.

Powerful software that helps you make better diagnoses.

Would you like to try out our software for free?

Try our software for free for 1 year, this way you have all the time to test and familiarize yourself with the software. Free trial

About our software for hearing aid stores and hearing centers

Free 1-year trial period

Test the software for Hearing Aid Stores for a full year, completely free. Discover the advanced capabilities, experience the difference from your current tests, and notice the faster workflow.

Select the most suitable hearing aid faster

With our software for Hearing Aid Stores, you provide your customers with the most accurate diagnosis, leading to the best fitting for their hearing aid needs.

All-in-one software for Hearing Aid Stores

The HearingCoach software offers a comprehensive solution for all your tools, tests, reports, and customer data. Not only is all your data centralized, but you also have access to all the tools you might need in your work.

HearingCoach as your sole point of contact

Our software includes ALL the tools needed for your hearing aid store. This streamlines communication when you have questions, as we are your exclusive software provider.

Always access to your data

Whether working online or offline, with an active license or not, you will always have access to the software, reports, and other data through your personal login. Your data is never lost.

Promotes positive behavioral change

In addition to accurate diagnoses, the software is also designed with a “prevention is better than cure” approach. This means that the smart tools motivate tested individuals to take the right measures to prevent further hearing loss.