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Provide the best patient care for hearing issues

To communicate with others, it's crucial to have good hearing. After all, communication is simply the combination of speaking and listening.

When a child is hearing-impaired, it can lead to significant language development issues without speech therapy guidance. Even adults who are hearing-impaired (or have become so) require support to continue communicating effectively. Speech therapists are therefore a crucial pillar in making accurate diagnoses and preventing communication problems.

Software for speech specialists

To initiate an effective speech therapy treatment, the possible hearing issues of the patient need to be identified. The issue is that when there’s suspicion of hearing impairment, the patient usually has to visit an audiology center for a comprehensive hearing test. As a result, the speech therapy treatment can’t commence immediately, potentially affecting the patient’s outcomes.

For this reason, we offer our HearingCoach software for speech therapists. With this software, you, as a speech therapist, can easily and quickly conduct the necessary hearing tests yourself. Thus, you don’t have to delay the right treatment. Additionally, the software enables you to monitor someone’s hearing and take the appropriate precautions.

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Free trial As a speech therapist, you can use our tools for free for 1 year.
Don't pay more than necessary You only pay for what you use.
1 central place for your tools and data No more different software programs, just one place where all your tools are organized.
Automatic monitoring Is your license about to expire? You'll receive an automatic notification.
Lifelong access to your data Even if your license expires, your data remains safely stored.
HearingCoach as your sole point of contact We're always here to assist you with any questions about the tools.

Powerful software that helps you make better diagnoses

Would you like to try out our software for free?

Try our software for free for 1 year, this way you have all the time to test and familiarize yourself with the software. Free trial

About our software for speech therapists

Test the software for speech therapists for 1 year for free

Discover how the tools can make your work as a speech therapist easier and more efficient. And that for a full year, completely free!

Provides better patient support

Help children and adults with hearing issues faster and more effectively, as the software for speech therapists utilizes the latest assessment and reporting tools.

HearingCoach as your collaborative partner

Need assistance using the tools? No problem. HearingCoach helps you get the most out of the software.

Also focused on prevention

A treatment is less effective if a patient with hearing damage doesn’t take preventive measures. The software also includes handy tools that promote positive behavioral changes.

Reports and data are 100% secure

The HearingCoach software for speech therapists is Secure by Design. This means all data is protected by Auth0 and IBM Cloud Security. So, nobody has access to patient data except for you.

Personalize the reports

If you wish, personalize the test result printouts: the software allows you to include your own company logo on patient reports.