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For concert enthusiasts

Are you a true music lover and do you enjoy going to concerts? Then you know that the music during such evenings is always very loud. You especially notice it when you travel back home after the concert. And often even when you crawl into bed after returning home, the music still echoes in your ears.

Hearing protection during a concert

Although enjoying the afterglow of a concert is nice, you can’t say the same about that ringing or buzzing in your ears, right?

That ringing or buzzing is known as tinnitus. If the tinnitus disappears the next morning, there is little cause for concern. However, unfortunately, sometimes the ringing or buzzing doesn’t go away. Especially if you are a fervent concertgoer, you regularly expose your ears to excessive decibels.

Protect your ears during concerts with custom-made earplugs. At HearingCoach, we have excellent hearing protection for concerts that allow you to safely enjoy your favorite music.

Enjoy your favorite music safely

Did you know that you can only enjoy a concert for about 15 minutes without putting your hearing at risk? That’s what specialists advise based on sound levels and their impact on our hearing.

Our hearing is a delicate instrument, influenced by factors such as age and noise. Prolonged exposure to sounds above 80 dB can affect hearing quality. This can lead to reduced function of the hair cells in our ears, which are crucial for detecting sound.

At most concerts, the sound levels range from 95 to 103 dB, which is higher than the safe limit of 80 dB.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite live music! The key is to protect your ears properly. With the right earplugs, you can still enjoy the music without putting your hearing at risk.

Are you an organizer of concerts?

See what we can do for you with the Healthy Hearing Program! Discover more

Healthy Hearing Program

Protective hearing for during a concert

For employees of concert organizers, HearingCoach offers the Healthy Hearing Program. Especially if your employees work regularly during concerts, it is essential to protect their ears properly and have them regularly checked. This way, you can ensure that their ears remain healthy now and in the future.

With the Healthy Hearing Program, you, as the employer, address all the risks of hearing damage for your employees. They receive custom-made earplugs, annual check-ups, and tips and tricks on how to prevent hearing damage during their work and in other situations.

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The right hearing protection during a concert

Due to the high volume and duration of concerts, it is essential to wear the right earplugs. And of course, those are the custom-made concert earplugs from HearingCoach. These provide the perfect sound attenuation.

Our custom-made music earplugs have what is called “flat attenuation.” This means that you can still hear how beautiful the music is, but at a safer sound level. Some earplugs in our assortment even allow you to choose the attenuation value yourself. You might have the option to choose from 10, 15, 19, or 22 dB. Depending on the volume in the venue, you can decide which level of attenuation is needed.

The earplugs we fit for a concert at HearingCoach are also always leak-proof. By that, we mean that no sound can pass along the earplugs into the ear since they are precisely customized.

Earplugs for a concert in a color of your choice

The concert earplugs in HearingCoach’s assortment are available in many different colors. Blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, or red: which color matches your favorite concert outfit best? The choice is yours! This way, your custom-made earplugs are not only functional but also an eye-catching accessory.

If you prefer that the earplugs don’t stand out, you can choose a colorless variant. These transparent earplugs are barely noticeable. And because you can still hear others with the earplugs in, almost no one will notice that you are wearing them.

After use, you can easily clean the hearing protection you wore during the concert with a special cleaning cloth provided. Then, you can store them in the convenient case that comes with the earplugs. This way, you protect them from dirt and won’t lose them when not in use for some time.

Frequently asked questions by concert enthusiasts

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Custom-made concert earplugs: also ideal for concert staff and musicians

If you work for a concert organizer and are regularly present at concerts, then good hearing protection during a concert is even more important. Prolonged exposure to sound well above 80 dB is common in such settings. If you want to continue your work with healthy ears, then you need good custom-made earplugs.

For musicians, their hearing is a precious asset. However, one in five musicians suffers from hearing damage. You can easily prevent this by wearing good earplugs. With the custom-made earplugs from HearingCoach, you protect your hearing while still being able to hear what you play. It does not take away from the enjoyment of playing music, but ensures that you can continue doing it for many years with good hearing.

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