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For event attendees

Do you often experience a whistling or ringing sound in your ears the day after attending an event? This is also known as tinnitus. If the ringing goes away, you're fortunate. However, if you frequently attend events without suitable hearing protection for events, your ears will have little opportunity to recover properly. And a concert or show is undoubtedly much more enjoyable without tinnitus.

Maintaining Healthy Ears

That’s why it’s crucial to use suitable hearing protection for events, so that your ears stay healthy. This way, you can continue to fully enjoy the events you attend!

Event Hearing Protection: Custom Earplugs

The sound level at an event typically ranges between 90 and 105 dB. Therefore, it’s wise to wear earplugs that reduce the sound to less than 80 dB.

Disposable earplugs are not the best choice for this purpose. Ears are unique, and standard earplugs may not fit every ear perfectly, allowing sound to leak through. You may think you are well protected against loud noise, but it’s essential to be aware that there is still a risk to your hearing.

This is an opportunity to take even better care of your hearing and enjoy sounds in a safe and healthy way!

HearingCoach offers a great range of hearing protection to keep your ears safe during events. Moreover, they come in various colors and sizes. So, there are definitely earplugs that will fit perfectly in your ears and, if you prefer, look great too!

Are you an organizer of events?

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Healthy Hearing Program

Hearing protection for event staff

In addition to our custom-made earplugs, we also offer the Healthy Hearing Program for event staff. If you work regularly at events, regular hearing checks are essential. With this program, you can be sure that your ears will remain healthy now and in the future.

The Healthy Hearing Program ensures that the risk of hearing damage during your work at an event is minimal. You receive custom-made earplugs, and we also screen your hearing and provide you with tips and tricks to prevent hearing damage.

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