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For Motorcyclists

If you've ever experienced a mild ringing or buzzing in your ears after a pleasant motorcycle ride, consider it a friendly reminder from your body to take extra care of your hearing.

Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

You don’t even need to ride at high speeds to experience ringing in your ears. Even at lower speeds, the wind noise and sounds from other road users can still impact your hearing.

But don’t worry, with the right hearing protection, you can enjoy your motorcycle ride without any concerns. At HearingCoach, we are here to help you with the best custom-made earplugs designed specifically for motorcycle use. Protect your hearing and continue to enjoy your motorcycle rides!

Prevent Hearing Damage with Custom Motorcycle Earplugs

More and more motorcyclists are recognizing the importance of hearing protection and how it can be an essential part of their gear. It helps prevent situations like ringing in their ears or diminished hearing. So, if you’ve ever experienced a ringing or buzzing in your ears after a motorcycle ride, take it as a reminder to give some extra care to your ears. It’s never too late to start protecting your hearing!

Keeping your ears healthy is achieved by wearing custom motorcycle earplugs. At HearingCoach, we are happy to measure and create earplugs that fit perfectly, ensuring no sound leaks past the earplugs. They stay securely in place during your ride, and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them. This is crucial because you also wear a helmet over your ears while riding, making it challenging to adjust your earplugs while on the road.

What makes HearingCoach earplugs perfect for hearing protection is that they have a filter that allows environmental sounds to pass through. They protect your ears from harmful loud noises while still allowing you to hear other traffic sounds. This keeps motorcycle riding safe while preserving the pure sound of your motorcycle—the very reason why you love motorcycling!

Are you a member of a club?

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Healthy Hearing Program

Protective hearing for motorcyclists.

For motorcycle associations and clubs, HearingCoach offers the Healthy Hearing Program. With this program, you can address all the risks of hearing damage while riding a motorcycle. We provide a hearing scan to assess any existing hearing loss, which is useful for riders who have been riding without hearing protection for an extended period.

To prevent (further) hearing damage, we offer custom-fitted earplugs and monitor hearing. We provide annual check-ups, offer active coaching to prevent hearing damage, and provide tips and tricks for hearing protection on the motorcycle. This ensures that your members always hit the road safely.

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The Influence of Wind Noise

On a sunny and calm day, hearing damage from the rustling of the wind is probably not the first thing on your mind. That’s why many motorcyclists still ride without earplugs. Even in many motorcycle clubs and associations, earplugs are not yet a standard part of the gear. However, they absolutely should be. Wind noise can significantly impact your hearing more than many motorcyclists realize.

The wind noise along your helmet generates an enormous volume, especially when riding at high speeds on the highway. At a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, the sound level quickly reaches 94 dB. And if you’re going 120 kilometers per hour, it can even reach 98 dB.

Considering that prolonged exposure to more than 80 dB calls for hearing protection, you may now understand why you sometimes step off the motorcycle with a slight buzzing or ringing sound in your ears. This is a sign that your ears need some extra care to continue enjoying your rides.

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