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For festival-goers

Do you enjoy going to music festivals and attend multiple ones during the summer? Maybe you even travel abroad for them? That's definitely a great way to have fun, but have you ever thought about how loud the music actually is? It creates a great atmosphere, but it can be harmful to your ears, especially if you don't wear hearing protection during a festival. Perhaps you have experienced a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears after attending a festival.

Preserve Healthy Ears

Properly protecting your ears during festivals is highly advisable, even if you don’t attend festivals frequently. The custom festival earplugs from HearingCoach ensure that you can safely enjoy a festival and get the most pleasure out of it!

Discover how to safely enjoy festivals

At most festivals, the volume ranges between 95 and 103 dB. If you’re new to decibels, let’s start with the basic level of 80 dB. This is a sound level at which your ears can safely listen for 8 hours without the risk of hearing damage. Every additional 3 dB halves that time. So, for example, at 95 dB, your ears are safe for about 15 minutes.

Since festivals often last longer than 15 minutes, and some even span multiple days, it’s crucial to be aware of protecting your hearing. Therefore, we recommend wearing earplugs during festivals.

But how exactly does hearing damage occur? Loud noise damages the hair cells in the cochlea of your ear. These hair cells also wear out with age, which is why you often see older people using hearing aids. By exposing your ears to loud noise too frequently, you accelerate the aging process. Damaged hair cells provide either no (hearing loss) or incorrect (tinnitus) information to your brain.

So, enjoy the music and don’t forget your earplugs!

Are you an organizer of festivals?

See what we can do for you with the Healthy Hearing Program! Discover more

Healthy Hearing Program

Hearing protection during a festival.

For employees of festival organizers, HearingCoach offers the Healthy Hearing Program. With this program, you can address all the risks of hearing damage during work at festivals in various ways. Some of the aspects include:

  • Testing the hearing of your employees. How is their hearing currently
  • Fitting custom-made festival earplugs and coaching on the correct way to wear hearing protection during a festival.
  • Annual check-ups of hearing and earplugs. Is there any hearing damage, and do the earplugs still fit properly?
  • Providing tips and tricks to your employees on how to protect their hearing effectively.
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The Right Hearing Protection During a Festival

Hearing damage is permanent, as there is no way for doctors to restore the hair cells in your ears. That’s why it’s crucial to wear the right hearing protection during a festival. At HearingCoach, we offer a wide range of custom-made earplugs with linear attenuation and various levels of noise reduction. They provide precisely the right amount of attenuation to protect your ears from the loud sound.

We understand that you visit a festival because you’re a music lover. That’s why our custom festival earplugs have a flat attenuation. Unlike disposable earplugs you buy at the drugstore or supermarket, you can still hear the beauty of the music. It’s just at a lower volume, ensuring your ears are protected from hearing damage.

We even have custom earplugs in our assortment where you can choose the level of attenuation. You can select from options like 10, 15, 19, or 22 dB. Whether you’re standing close to the loudspeakers or at the back, you can easily adjust the attenuation accordingly.

At HearingCoach, we always measure and fit the festival earplugs specifically for your ears. That way, they fit perfectly and are always leak-proof, ensuring no sound can seep through the earplugs.

Explore our festival earplugs

Festival earplugs, including accessories

With our festival earplugs, we provide a convenient case to keep them safe when not in use, ensuring they survive the entire festival weekend. Additionally, we include a special cleaning cloth to maintain the earplugs.

Our custom festival earplugs come in a wide variety of colors. Would you like a summery yellow or orange? Or do you prefer blue, green, pink, or red earplugs that match your favorite festival outfit?

Choosing colorless earplugs is also an option. If you don’t want anyone to notice you’re wearing earplugs, just go for our transparent festival earplugs. They are barely noticeable. Moreover, you can still hear other festivalgoers perfectly well, so no one will even realize you’re wearing earplugs.

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Custom Festival Earplugs: Also Ideal for Festival Staff and Musicians

If you work for a festival organizer and regularly attend festivals as part of your job, or if you operate a food truck or work behind the bar at festivals, then having proper hearing protection during a festival is even more crucial. You expose your ears to loud sounds above 80 dB for extended periods. Without adequate earplugs, the chances of maintaining good hearing for your job are slim.

It’s alarming that one in five musicians suffer from hearing damage, while having a good sense of hearing is essential for musicians. Prevent yourself from becoming part of that unfortunate statistic by wearing high-quality earplugs. The custom festival earplugs from HearingCoach don’t compromise the pleasure of playing music. You can still hear what you’re playing, just at a reduced volume, ensuring you enjoy excellent hearing for many years to come.