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For shooting sports enthusiasts

There are moments when sound is so powerful that it can impact our ears. As a shooting sports enthusiast, you may know how it feels when the sound of a shot cuts through the air.

Hearing Protection for Shooting Sports

The sound level produced by a gunshot quickly reaches up to 140 dB. That is much higher than the safe level of 80 dB, and it even exceeds 120 dB, posing a risk to our hearing.

But fear not: this only emphasizes how crucial it is to protect our ears. And that’s where HearingCoach comes in. We are here to assist you with the best hearing protection for shooting sports, allowing you to safely and enjoyably pursue your hobby. Protect your hearing and fully embrace your shooting sports!

Practicing Shooting Sports Safely

Safety is a crucial aspect in shooting sports or hunting, mainly due to the firearms involved. An essential rule is that the shooter ensures they are skilled enough to handle their weapons, and good hearing is critical for that. By using the right hearing protection while shooting, you keep your ears in top condition.

Shooting Earplugs: Hearing Protection from the First Shot

Given the high sound produced by a gunshot, hearing protection is an absolute necessity right from the first shot in shooting sports. This is achieved with top-quality earplugs specially selected for shooting sports. Choose passive hearing protection with an impact filter that effectively shields the ears from impulse noises, or opt for advanced active hearing protectors with electronic modes.

All hearing protection for shooting sports is made of soft silicone material. Since they are custom-fit, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them. This is particularly pleasant during your favorite hobby. Moreover, we offer these earplugs in a wide range of colors, ensuring you’ll find a pair that complements your gear perfectly.

Are you a member of a club?

See what we can do for you with the Healthy Hearing Program! Discover more

Healthy Hearing Program

Protective hearing for the Shooting Sports

In addition to our custom-made shooting earplugs, we offer the Healthy Hearing Program for shooting clubs. With this program, you can address the risks of hearing damage during shooting in various ways. Some of the aspects include:

1. Testing the hearing of your (new) members.
2. Fitting custom shooting earplugs and coaching on the correct way to wear hearing protection during shooting.
3. Annual check-ups to ensure the earplugs still fit properly.
4. Providing tips and tricks to your members on how to protect their ears effectively, even during activities other than shooting.

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Hearing Protection for Shooting Sports without Compromising Ambient Sounds

What is the significant difference between special custom shooting earplugs and disposable earplugs you can buy at the supermarket?

  1. The first difference lies in the level of sound protection. Regular earplugs or earmuffs block out all sounds, but the sound of a gunshot is so loud that it raises doubts about their adequacy. Moreover, with such hearing protection, you lose the ability to hear ambient sounds. However, communication in shooting sports is crucial. That’s why it is also possible to choose Bluetooth earplugs that enable communication with your fellow shooters.
  1. Another difference with disposable earplugs is the seal quality. The earplugs offered by HearingCoach always fit snugly because they are custom-made for you. This ensures no sound can leak through the earplugs to your ear.
  2. The fit of disposable earplugs usually does not perfectly conform to your ears. Even if they do initially, you won’t know how long that will last. Over time, your ears change in shape and size. Therefore, at HearingCoach, we also offer checks and leakage tests. This way, you can be certain that your earplugs will continue to provide 100% protection to your ears even after some time has passed.

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