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For watersports enthusiasts

Are you often in the water because swimming helps you relax? Or do you have a watersport as a hobby? Then you may be at higher risk of ear issues than you might think.

Swimming Earplugs

Many swimmers and watersports enthusiasts enter the water without wearing earplugs. It’s only after experiencing ear pain, an ear infection, or hearing loss that swimming earplugs come into consideration. However, prevention is much better than cure.

At HearingCoach, we highly recommend wearing custom-made swimming earplugs during swimming or watersports. By doing so, you protect your ears from the effects of bacteria and chlorine, ensuring you can continue to enjoy your watersports to the fullest!

Don't give ear problems a chance

Not wearing earplugs during swimming or watersports can lead to the following issues:

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear occurs when growing bacteria in your ear cause an infection. These bacteria are present in the water that remains in your ear after swimming or watersports. Excessive exposure to contaminated water is the main cause of swimmer’s ear. While an ear infection is relatively harmless, it should be treated with antibiotics.

Wearing earplugs ensures that you protect yourself from swimmer’s ear, allowing you to continue swimming while keeping your ears healthy.

Surfer’s Ear

As the name suggests, surfer’s ear is acquired during watersports in open water, such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, and jet skiing. With surfer’s ear, abnormal bone growth occurs in the ear canal. Cold winds and water are usually the culprits, causing the bone around the ear to form bony growths that narrow the ear canal.

This condition may not sound very pleasant. Fortunately, you can easily prevent surfer’s ear by wearing custom-made earplugs.

Are you a member of a club?

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Healthy Hearing Program

Protective hearing for swimming

For swimming clubs and swimmers, HearingCoach offers the Healthy Hearing Program. With this program, you can address all the risks of hearing damage in the pool. We provide a hearing scan to assess any existing hearing loss, which is useful for swimmers who spend extended periods in the water without hearing protection.

To prevent (further) hearing damage, we offer custom-fitted earplugs and monitor hearing. We provide regular check-ups, offer active coaching to prevent hearing damage, and provide tips and tricks for hearing protection while swimming. This ensures that your members are always safe in the water.

Would you like to know more about the Healthy Hearing Program?

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Custom-made Swimming Earplugs

By wearing earplugs while swimming, you protect your ears from water and noise. At HearingCoach, we provide custom-made swimming earplugs, which come with several advantages compared to disposable earplugs you buy at the supermarket or drugstore.

The most significant difference between custom-made earplugs and disposable earplugs lies in the fit. For custom-made earplugs, we create an exact replica of your ear, which we use to shape the earplugs. As a result, the earplugs fit precisely. This is crucial during swimming or watersports because you don’t want water to seep into your ears despite wearing earplugs. Additionally, they effectively reduce loud noises.

Thanks to the precise fit of HearingCoach earplugs, they always stay securely in place during swimming or watersports. You don’t need to worry about losing one while swimming. Moreover, wearing the earplugs won’t cause pressure on your ears. This way, they protect your ears from water, chlorine, noise, and unwanted bacteria without you even noticing you’re wearing them.

Swimming earplugs

Swim Earplugs for your Child

For many children, a day at the swimming pool is the ultimate outing. Additionally, children spend a lot of time in the pool when they are obtaining their swimming diplomas.

Protect your child’s ears with custom-made swim earplugs from HearingCoach. Young children, in particular, often have sensitive ears. They are more prone to experiencing earaches after swimming and are at a higher risk of developing ear infections. Especially if your child has ear tubes, wearing earplugs during swimming is highly recommended.

Swim earplugs for your child shield their sensitive ears from chlorine, water, noise, and bacteria. This significantly reduces the chances of earaches, infections, or ear inflammation! This way, swimming always remains a fantastic activity.

Moreover, the swim earplugs allow ambient sounds to pass through, so your child can still hear the swimming instructor during lessons. They won’t interfere with the fun when playing with friends either. With HearingCoach’s special earplugs, swimming remains a joyful experience for your child!

Swimming earplugs for children

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