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HearingCoach is leading in the field of prevention of hearing damage caused by recreational or industrial noise. The most important groups at risk are young people, musicians and workers in various sectors. Our Hearing Conservation Program, called the 4-Leaf Clover, is awarded 'Best Practice' by the European Agency of Safety and Health (EU-OSHA).
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Healthy Hearing Program

Our '4-Leaf Clover " Hearing Conservation Program is directed by a so called HearingCoach- professional. He/she is responsible for the organization, implementation and evaluation of the program and are the key for success because they combine know how and expertise from 4 different areas of attention: Noise, Hearing, Hearing Protection and Behaviour.Read more

HearingCoach for Music

Raising the awareness on the risks of loud music is important. Explaining HOW one can enjoy his favorite music without taking a risk on hearing damage is even more important. For musicians and people working in the entertainment industry a thorough hearing conservation program is recommendedRead more

HearingCoach for Kids

Dit project is bestemd voor de allerkleinsten (4 tot 6 jaar). waarbij educatieve clowns de kleuters 2 basisbegrippen bijbrengen aan de hand van een toneeltje en gebruikmakend van de ‘SoundEar’, een apparaatje die stilte visualiseert .Read more


Akzo Nobel is a company that says: "WE CARE",.......
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Latest news

28-10 Low noise during surgery leads to a lot fewer errors
According to an article in the American journal, Annals of Surgery, noise reduction in surgical operating theatres leads to a drastic reduction in complications for the patients. The article is about...
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