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Database Management System Structured storage and management.
Safety is a top priority All patient data is securely protected.
Assessment & Reporting Comprehensible and visually appealing reports.
Online and offline Our software is accessible both online and offline.
Make it your own Customize your reports as you like.
Free trial You can try our software for free for one year.

Would you like to try out our software for free?

Try our software for free for 1 year, this way you have all the time to test and familiarize yourself with the software. Free trial

Benefits of our innovative software for hearing tests

Database Management System

The DBMS provides a structured way to store and manage data, which is essential for maintaining patient records and audiologic test results. Even if your license expires, you still have access to your previously built database!

Online and offline

Thanks to our advanced technology, the software is accessible both online and offline. So whether you are at home, on the go, or at your workplace, with your own login, you always have access to your patient data anytime and anywhere. This way, you are never dependent on an internet connection. You can start working immediately and have all the information at your fingertips to perform your role as a hearing specialist safely and efficiently.

Safety is a top priority

With our diagnostic software for hearing, you are ensured a Secure by Design approach. This means that all patient data is securely protected using Auth0 and IBM Cloud Security. As a result, access to this data is restricted solely to you as the user, and no one else can access this data.

Make it completely your own

Customize the reports according to your preferences. With the software, you have the option to add your company logo and branding to patient reports. This personalizes the presentation of the test results, contributing to the recognition of your practice.

Unique assessment & reporting

With HearingCoach hardware and software, you not only benefit from targeted and practical results, but the software also translates the findings into comprehensible and visually appealing reports. These reports provide valuable information about the patient’s auditory capabilities and are easy for the patient to understand. This is especially valuable when discussing test results, treatment plans, and implementing preventive measures. The clear reports reduce barriers to using the right tools for prevention and maintaining good hearing.

Free trial

Try the hearing test software for a full year, free of charge. During this trial period, you have full access to all features and capabilities. This provides you with the unique opportunity to fully explore the software and assess whether it meets your specific, professional needs and expectations. Discover how it makes your work processes more efficient and productive and how it contributes to improving the quality of care you provide to your patients.

Frequently asked questions

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Innovative support for hearing assessment

The diagnostic software for hearing tests provides a comprehensive solution by offering extensive and diverse support for all aspects of hearing damage prevention:

1. Sound

Simulate the work, school, or living conditions of the person during the hearing test using the software. Determine in this way:

  • The sound levels to which someone is exposed.
  • What the current noise is doing to their hearing and the potential consequences in the future.

2. Hearing Protection

With the various tools, you can quickly determine whether:

  • The current hearing protection meets legal requirements.
  • The current hearing protection adequately protects the wearer during use.
  • You have selected the most suitable custom hearing protection.
  • It is necessary to adjust an individual’s hearing aid better or choose a more suitable option based on the results.

3. Hearing

Check the tested person’s hearing using the different unique tools. Do this with the highest accuracy, as even the slightest deviations are detected (which is not the case with standard tests):

  • Detect hearing damage very early, even before the patient notices or before it can be detected with traditional hearing tests.
  • Measure complaints such as tinnitus and speech problems.
  • Test 100% objectively and automatically: no need for a soundproof room, and the tested person only needs to sit still.
  • And more.

4. Behavior

  • Motivate the patient/customer to take more or better measures to prevent (increasing) hearing damage. The tools offer various possibilities that significantly stimulate positive behavioral changes, for example:
    • Convert raw data into clear reports that even the patient can understand.
    • Determine the biological age of someone’s ears.
    • Calculate the likelihood that the client will need a hearing aid when they turn 60.
    • Automatically indicate the most relevant follow-up action for the person in question.

Furthermore, on behalf of our partners, we also sell all the hardware needed to conduct the tests. This way, we completely support you in purchasing OAE equipment.